T.S.R. Road Sweeper Hire                                                                                 Tel : 07913 243474

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T.S.R. is owned and operated by Gordon Shand who has over 22 years experience working with the construction industry and has gained a highly respected reputation for meeting customer requirements and delivering efficient solutions within client's budgets and time frame.


We specialise in essential maintenance work 24 hours a day for road sweeping, gully sucking, pressure washing (including clearing drains and gullies) on a variety of sites and providing coverage across Scotland and the North of England.


At every stage T.S.R. endeavours to work around clients commercial operating hours, including through the night where necessary, and recognise the importance of ensuring customer business continues unhindered. Our operatives are fully trained and experienced in road cleansing services and abide by the current legislation at all times.


We solve your problems and give you year round service to ensure that your business operates smoothly. Our highly qualified staff are dedicated and guarantee a successful outcome for you every time. T.S.R. is committed to delivering comprehensive services that are tailored to every customer's needs large or small.  


Our fleet of Iveco Johnston VT650 Road Sweepers offer high performance pick up even on the most demanding tasks, such as post construction work. The dual sweep configuration, the maximum 3.6 m swept path ensures superb coverage per hour and with high capacity hoppers, water systems and fuel tanks, the VT650 is designed to stay at work for longer.


We offer these services both on a contract and ad-hoc basis providing a bespoke package for all of our clients. We hire by the hour providing a 24 hour service and our current rates are available on request by contacting Gordon on 07913 243474.




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